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We envision a youth department operating under the Holy Spirit. A department where bonds are broken, hearts are mended and God’s love abound.

We envision young people inspired to know God personally and ready and willing to work in God’s vineyard after leaving the department.

We desire to provide leadership, resources, service, and forum for the education of young people. This is done in three phases of discipleship.

Our youth ministry provides an avenue for God to develop His people to go into basic ministry by exposing young people to sound doctrine, structure, and examples. We teach our youth through the Holy Spirit how to live holy in this world and enjoy life.

Our goal as the youth department is:

  • To develop God’s children through the Holy Spirit to live a Holy but separate life in the world.

  • To lay a solid understanding of the knowledge of truth, which is in Christ Jesus.

  • To teach the basic structure of authority in the local church according to the Bible.

  • To utilize local faith based organizations to educated our youth of the wilds of this world, caring for their soul, mind, and body.

  • To teach our youth to be Titus men and women, that they may know how to behave themselves in the house of God, for we are living temples made without hands.

  • To ensure every youth feels the pure love of God in the youth department.

  • To understand that we are our brother’s keeper-helpers one to another.

Junior Usher
Junior Deacon
Junior Hospitality
Youth Outreach
Teacher Aide
Youth Choir
Vocation Bible School Program

Youth Day
Every 5th Sunday

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